Protoscopic? An Experimental Look at Internet Business.

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There are countless blogs about making money via the web, and most of them seem to have a vested interest in you believing that the Internet abounds with easy opportunities for cashing in–you’re simply missing out. While you’re slaving away at your nine to five job, pimple-faced teenagers are playing their xBox and reaping massive influxes of passive income. Why aren’t you “getting in the game?”

If you are anything like us you have a healthy skepticism towards the claims of easy money on the Net. Obviously there is money to be made here. People bother to spam us with ceaseless Viagra ads, and while there are plenty of sadists in the world, we assume these pill-pushers must get something out of it more than twisted pleasure. While we feel confident that there is some money to be made in all these ventures, the fundamental question is “How Much?”

Is Launching an Internet Business Worth It?

The question of whether it’s worth it to venture into these online markets is a tricky one. One immediate cause for skepticism is the number of people trying to do the same thing we are. Entering into any business is going to be less appealing if you have to do battle with a myriad of competitors. Particularly troubling is that with the low cost of entry, these same competitors might have an entirely different definition of success than you. While we might consider hours of work per month to yield $75 a complete waste of time, a college kid might see it as a fun diversion that secures him his beer money.

One would hope some insight could be gained from everyone who’s already launched an internet business–whether successful or not. Given the overwhelming desire to ‘express yourself’ so prevalent, certainly some of the entrepreneurs have published their findings. Sadly, according to our anecdotal research, most of these people have an incentive to paint a rosy picture in order to get paid for their hard-earned lessons. If they fail, they can’t expect others to shell out money for their publication of “How Not To Make Money On The Internet.” Transversely you doubtless also have the same skepticism we do when presented with visionaries who made MILLIONS on the Internet, but now feel the need to aggressively hawk their e-Book on how they did it.

An Experiment In Internet Business

In order to contribute to the discussion in a meaningful way we have decided to jump in head-first and basically submit ourselves as guinea pigs for the Internet Entrepreneur Experience. We are successful people in the “real world”, but have curiosity as to whether those lessons translate into the online business arena. We see opportunities to apply many of the same tactics that brought us success off-line, but it’s unclear if the results will be analogous. We began this site as a space to share our experiences, particularly our failures, as instructional material and cautionary tales.

We are not lacking in some of the skills necessary in this arena. Between the two of us we have some technical skills, business acumen and communication experience. You might be shocked sometimes by both what we do and what we don’t know. Any time we learn about a new subject, or experience a new process, we will try to share the experience with you to lessen your learning curve. This will include do-it-yourself style “applied use” articles and articles on the rationale behind our decisions. In the end, hopefully it will provide some insight into what Internet success looks like and what the path reveals along the way.

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