The Crucible

September 6th, 2008 · No Comments

We are frustrated. It has been interesting to investigate the cause of our PageRank 0 and attempt to fix it. If we manage to succeed we will have gained valuable knowledge and a skill that we can apply to future sites. This is what we keep telling ourselves, but we are frustrated.
I’m also concerned about the economy. I’m no economist but I’m a fairly astute student and a lot of signs point to a lot of potential for trouble. A bad economy could potentially mean that just as we’re starting to get some traction on our projects that advertising sources dry up and people are reluctant to spend.

Both of these issues cause us to be inclined to give up on our current project, Walt Disney World For Grownups. A part of us wants to either start a new site and “start over” or give up altogether. We hope that a “clean slate” might allow us to circumvent this Pagerank problem and we are honestly doubting our timing. It may be that we got in late enough that it’s difficult to make a name, but too early to catch the economic recovery at the end of the next downturn.

All that being said, we ultimately will persevere for one simple reason:

If you want to become good at something, you have to play against the hardest competition.

We're Feeling Stronger Already!

We're Feeling Stronger Already!

If we started in more fortuitous times, we might meet with initial success, but when hard times hit we wouldn’t know how to handle them. By starting with a lot of cards stacked against us, we will really know how to make a reproducible success story (and incidentally share our progress with you). We’re hoping that our current difficulties are simply part of a crucible that will make us stronger in the end.

That’s what we’re telling ourselves anyway…

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