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November 20th, 2008 · No Comments

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We decided a while back to enter the world of niche sites. We’re basically pursuing a three tiered strategy in the whole Internet Empire plan:

1.) Look for new small opportunities to try out different things.
2.) Continue to promote our existing sites to learn marketing techniques.
3.) Look for the big hit that will take us big time.

Obviously the niche site falls under area one. The theory is that if we can get a relatively successful niche site in various areas, that gives us a viable way to provide “link juice” for any other sites we want to start. There’s also always the chance that anything we discover in that area can be leveraged to apply to area three. So let’s say that we find a tactic that lets us crank out tons of small niche sites at fairly low cost, then that could actually be a valid overall approach. So the general idea is that the worst case scenario is we get another small property out there that doesn’t require any maintenance.

In order to make a quick test a picked a fairly pricey Adsense term, investing and wrote up a small niche site about it. I have some knowledge in the area so it didn’t take long. I also tried to stick to general education and timeless facts, so that the site wouldn’t have to be continually upgraded. The idea here is to stick this out here, promote it briefly and then let it go.

We did some long tail searches and managed to find a fair number of topics for which we could potentially rank and made these the internal pages. For example, “what is the first step to investing?” and “creative real estate investing.” These are hopefully “gettable” terms that will help create an overall investing site that will generate some Adsense revenue.


The only problem with the site itself is getting its Adsense running. Right now it is a big blank, which I”m hoping is just waiting for the site to be spidered. We’ve had bad luck with waiting around for things to improve when it comes to Google, but I can’t find any other approach other than “wait for it to show up” on the Adsense. The site isn’t in Google’s index yet, so I’m not overly worried. This of course leads to the second problem which is marketing. We’re going to use article marketing, but that comes with it’s own set of hassles, which I’ll discuss next time.

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